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61 Key Ansi Layout Oem Profile Pbt Thick Keycaps For 60% Mechanical Keyboard

This is a great set of keycaps for a 60% mechanical keyboard. They are thick, making it easy to write on them, and they have a pbt coating which makes them resistant to wear and tear. The set also includes a keycap godmeter, so you can track your keys usage.

61 Key Ansi Layout Oem Profile Pbt Thick Keycaps For 60% Mechanical Keyboard Target

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61 Key Ansi Layout Oem Profile Pbt Thick Keycaps For 60% Mechanical Keyboard Amazon

These 60% mechanical keyboard keycap sets come with a oem profile that is made up of 61 key ansi layout keycaps. This allows for a thick keycapsuit for the keyboard, making it quieter and harder tokeyboard with. these key caps are designed to fit the 60% mechanical keyboard. They have a thick keycap construction that makes key presses feel more like the real thing. These key caps also have a light weight and are made out of a durable material. these key caps are made with 61 key ansi-layout oem profile pbt thick keycaps for 60% mechanical keyboard. They are compatible with all 60% mechanical keyboards, including the gf and gf-8. this is a 61 key layout for a mechanical keyboard. It is made with pbt keycap material. The key caps are thick and strong. They will protect your keyboard from day to day use.