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Mechanical Keyboard Rubber Dampers

Keyboard dampener is dandy for admirers who crave to reduce the sound of a mechanical keyboard, our is fabricated of Rubber and is designed to reduce the noise and vibrations in mechanical keyboards.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Rubber Dampers

These mechanical Keyboard Dampers are for the mx mechanical keyboard, they are made of 120 pcs white Rubber and will keep your keycap our mechanical Keyboard Rubber Dampers are excellent for key cap mechanical keys on cherry mx key presses. They provide comfortable key cap mechanical key feel and prevent the keys from turning to the right or the left during key presses, our mechanical Keyboard Rubber Dampers help to prevent the key delivery system from overloading and causing knocking and other noise problems. These Dampers are in the form of a white Rubber o-ring and will add some protection and stability to your keyboard, this mechanical Keyboard renders a Rubber Dampers to keep the key caps from getting hot. The key caps are from a keycap to keycap connection, which also allows for key caps to be replaced easily, the mechanical Keyboard grants a keycap resigner that allows for key caps to be removed easily, and the key caps are locked in place by a keycap.