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Pok3r Rgb Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

Introducing the pok3r rgb backlit mechanical keyboard - the perfectincarnation of the popular vortex pok3r keyboard. With its brown cherry mx brown backlit keys, you'll be able to enjoy your keyboard all day long.

Pok3r Rgb Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Amazon

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Cheap Pok3r Rgb Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

The pok3r rgb keyboard is a fast, sleek and popular keyboard! With its vortex pyrite mechanical keycap cover, you can choose your level of comfort andality. The cherry-colored keycap cover gives the keyboard a modern look and feel. The pok3r keyboard is easy to compact and move around with its small bezels and small keypad. With its fast speed and stable design, the pok3r keyboard is perfect for any keybooster! the new pok3r rgb keyboards from vortex are backlit mechanical keyboards with cherry mx speed silver and pom jelly keycaps. These keys are easy to read in direct sunlight and come with a 2-year warranty. the pok3r keyboard is a 60 keyboard with a red backlit keyboard matrix withometers and a blue backlight. The keyboard has three cherry mx brown backlighted keys. The keyboard is developed by vortex and is made of brass and wood. This keyboard is a great add-on for your computer. The keycaps are cherry mx brown, with keycap sets, making it a great choice for mechanical keyboard users. The keyboard has a small form factor and is lightweight, making it a great choice for on-the-go devices. The pok3r is also a great choice forn gaming or keeping your desk chaos ulees out of your office.